U.S. Bank Stadium Fact and Media Guide

U.S. Bank Stadium Approved Logos

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Usage Guide

  • U.S. Bank Stadium should always be referenced by an approved logo or typed out as “U.S. Bank Stadium” or “U.S. BANK STADIUM” with correct punctuation, spaces, capitalization and spelling. No abbreviations of this title should ever be used in referencing U.S. Bank Stadium.
  • Usage of the U.S. Bank Stadium images must be approved by the SMG/U.S. Bank Stadium Marketing department prior to printing and distribution.
  • Photos have been granted usage for editorial purposes ONLY. Usage of photos for any purpose outside of editorial is strictly prohibited.

Photo Credits

  • Photo and image credits must be applied and visible when using the approved images provided by SMG.
  • Email Lisa Niess for approval at lniess@usbankstadium.com. Please allow 24 hours for a response.

Tiffany Daniels

Credit: “Photo: Tiffany Daniels/Mortenson Construction, Courtesy of SMG & U.S. Bank Stadium.”

Steve Bergerson

 “Photo: Steve Bergerson, Courtesy of SMG & U.S. Bank Stadium.
This image is copyrighted by Steven Bergerson Photography. This image is released
to Mortenson and SMG for marketing and public relations reproduction.
No other reproduction is permitted without written permission
from Steven Bergerson. email: steve@bergphoto.com  phone: 612.867.2374”